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Accidents Benefits Information

In September of 2010, in response to increasing costs associated with Accident Benefits claims and in an effort to keep insurance affordable and reduce fraud, the Ontario government implemented The Ontario Auto Insurance Reform.

The Ontario Auto Insurance Reform addresses the Statutory Accident Benefits that form part of your auto insurance policy. Statutory Accident Benefits are benefits you may receive if you are injured in an automobile accident, regardless of who was at fault. These benefits include Loss of Income, Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits, Attendant Care Benefits and Death and Funeral Expenses to name a few.

View a summary of what options are available to you with respect to Accident Benefits:

Visit for a complete listing and definition of Statutory Accident Benefits.

Questions? Concerns?

Please contact your Insurance Advisor for further clarification and to find out what options are best for you and your family.

Ontario Auto Reform Tips

In order to help you understand how the Ontario Auto Reform will affect you and your family, Stevenson & Hunt has created some tips for your consideration. Please contact your Insurance Advisor to discuss:

Do you have a disability insurance plan that would provide you with income replacement should you be injured in an automobile accident?

If so, you may want to contact your plan provider first to determine your level of income replacement in the event of an accident before you contact us so you can be sure you are not paying for something on your auto policy you don’t need. We can then assist you in determining the right level of coverage for you.

Are you self-employed?

If so, and you do not have a disability insurance plan, it is extremely important that you contact us, as you may be underinsured. We can walk you through the process of determining the right level of protection for your circumstance.

Do you have dependents in the home, such as young children or an elderly parent?

If so, Caregiver or Dependent Care coverage will be important for your family.

Do you earn more than $575.00 gross per week?

If so, and you do not have a disability insurance plan, you may want to consider Increased Income Replacement Benefits.

Is increased cost of living a consideration for you?

If you are required to collect long term benefits through your Ontario Automobile Policy as a result of an Auto Accident, the Indexation Benefit allows for annual cost of living increases.

Are you the primary caregiver or responsible for housekeeping and home maintenance?

If so, you may want to consider the new “Caregiver, Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Benefits package” which will reimburse you for specified additional expenses to you and your family if you are not able to perform your regular household responsibilities or unable to complete your caregiving duties due to your injuries. (Note: this coverage was previously automatically included in your Ontario Auto Policy, but under the Auto Reform changes has been removed and is now available only via an additional premium).