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Individual Long-term Care

You are protected if you die, but what if you live?

You may have a life insurance policy that will pay off your debts and support your family if you die. You may even have enough retirement savings to live comfortably into your 80s. But it's quite plausible that you will live into your 90s or beyond, as the average life expectancy is 80. This could mean needing expensive residential care for years, even decades.

Prepare today for the inevitabilities of tomorrow.

For the first time in history, many people are entering mid-life with one or more parents still living. Women traditionally provide and receive the majority of long-term care services. They are also more likely than men to assist aging or disabled family members with the activities of daily living.

Caring for aging family members, sometimes while also caring for their children, can take a toll on emotions and physical health. Long Term Care insurance gives you the power to choose your living arrangements, retaining as much dignity and independence as possible.

  • Long-term care insurance protects you and your family from the significant financial burden of long-term care costs

Stevenson & Hunt Financial Professionals are here to help you prepare and plan for long term care and service costs.