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Identity Theft Protection

Protect yourself – protect your identity*

Identity theft is on the rise in Canada. Protect yourself - you never know who might gain access to your confidential information.

Every time you use a credit or debit card, every time you buy something online, every time you redeem reward points or answer a survey, your personal information is being transmitted electronically and is at risk of ending up in the wrong hands. Armed with your identity, criminals can make purchases, obtain loans and commit other crimes, possibly leaving you legally responsible.

Identity theft protection offers coverage to restore your financial health and credit history should you or a family member become a victim of identity theft. Coverage may include:

  • Loss caused by theft of debit or credit cards, forgery or alteration of cheques.
  • Loss of wages that result from time taken off work to deal with a fraud, including wrongful incarceration.
  • Loss for your acceptance in good faith or counterfeit money.
  • Fees to reapply for loans that were denied due to erroneous credit information caused by the identify theft.
  • Notary and certified mail charges for completing and delivering fraud affidavits.


* The information provided is for information purposes only. In case of inconsistency between this information and the policy, the policy terms, conditions and limitations will govern.