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Retirement Plan Governance

Managing risk in your pension plan

With the proliferation of options in pensions and group retirement plans come a shifting regulatory landscape and a number of potential sources of liability and financial loss for your organization and your people.

Our Pension Consultants take a pro-active risk-management approach to your plan’s governance, addressing every detail and reacting to each change in the fiscal and legislative environment. They constantly upgrade their knowledge and stay abreast of the latest developments. You can trust their commitment to keep your pension plan on the right track.

Conducting a full governance review

Pensions carry with them weighty legal responsibilities that can confer dangerous liabilities if governance is not properly structured and monitored. Stevenson & Hunt’s governance review will analyze every aspect of your plan’s governance in light of industry best-practices and current regulations.

The result:

  • Properly structured fiduciary accountability
  • Clearly delineated roles and responsibilities
  • Conflict-free decision-making processes
  • Transparent investment performance metrics for your plan.

Assisting you with regulatory and filing assistance

Documenting your compliance with governance regulations is almost as important as having a proper governance structure in the first place. Because of our expertise and specialization in pensions, you can trust Stevenson & Hunt to administer your plan with utmost attention to detail and compliance with every regulation.

You know how critical it is to observe proper filing and reporting procedures — let us shoulder some of the burden.

Providing customized member communication programs

Regulators today are very concerned with ensuring that pension plans be increasingly transparent and offer members unprecedented levels of access to information about their entitlements and investments. Stevenson & Hunt can help you meet or exceed those expectations by providing communication programs customized to reach each person in your workforce.

Whether your employees are young and still accumulating assets, nearing retirement and looking for the best way to structure for the future, or retiring and seeking to roll out benefits the best way, we can make sure they understand all their options.