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Executive Compensation

Retirement savings solutions for your leaders

Attracting and retaining the very best retirement savings solution for your organization’s top executives is a high priority. A professionally managed, custom tailored retirement savings program that addresses the complex needs of executives and top earners can be a powerful part of your compensation offering.

Stevenson & Hunt has the expertise to find creative ways for your executives to maximize their returns, and minimize their tax exposure. As Pension Consulting Specialists, our RPA designated professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table that you won’t find in most insurance brokerages.

Easing the administrative burden

We will work with your professional Accountants to ease the administrative burden and develop high-performing plans custom-designed for your executive’s personal goals and priorities.

Helping you reward your key people when they retire

Our pension consultants are skilled at finding safe ways to shelter income, even after the maximum pension deductions are exceeded. A Stevenson & Hunt-designed Retirement Compensation Arrangement will allow you to reward your key people when they retire, without subjecting them to a disastrous spike in their taxable earnings while still employed.