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Defined Benefit Plan Consulting

Safeguarding your commitment

Market volatility, shifting legislation and an aging workforce are threatening pensions. Plan administrators are under pressure to avoid costly plan collapses and legal liabilities. At the same time, defined benefit plans still represent the "gold standard" of security for employees and can be an important part of your organization’s competitive offering to prospective employees.

Expert advice for your defined plan

Stevenson & Hunt is one of a select few pension consultancy practices in Canada that can offer expert service for your defined benefit plan. Our RPA designated professionals can do more than just crunch the performance numbers; we can help you with every aspect of plan sponsorship from initial design through portfolio management to plan wrap-ups. We accomplish this by providing the following services:

  • Conducting a thorough review of every aspect of your defined benefit plan
  • Ensuring that your fiduciary risk is within acceptable limits
  • Ensuring your plan complies with all current legislation and regulations
  • Ensuring your plan is funded properly
  • Preparing professional communications for you, your staff and regulators
  • Using of advanced software analysis to flag any potential trouble spots in investment portfolio
  • Analyzing fund manager’s performance in light of industry trends, changes in management structure, market moves, stock placements, and other factors

Administration & Actuarial services

You can get any level of help you want from Stevenson & Hunt, from general consulting on one or two aspects of your plan, to overall outsourcing of all your defined benefit plan’s design and administration.

As one of Canada’s leading pension consultants, we have the resources both internally and externally to take over the most technically challenging and labour-intensive aspects of pension administration, leaving your human resources people free to concentrate on staff performance and recruiting.

Your organization has made a strong commitment to your employees’ future. Let us help you safeguard that commitment. Contact us today and let us help you safeguard that commitment.