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Capital Accumulation Plans

Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) guidelines can affect your defined contribution plan in ways that are difficult to predict.

  • Do you have the expertise in-house to keep up with these changes?
  • Are your plan’s investments appropriate for the demographic and socioeconomic status of your employees?
  • Do your plan’s participants have the access to their investments that is called for in the guidelines?
  • Is your organization communicating effectively with plan participants to ensure they are aware of their options?
  • Are you compliant with the documentation requirements?

Our Group Pension Consultants can answer your CAP guidelines questions and provide independent, expert advice to help your plan’s investments achieve the highest possible returns. Our consultants can also reduce your administrative burden by assisting you with documenting your plan’s compliance and reduce your liability.

Providing a range of defined-contribution retirement savings options

Defined-contribution retirement savings programs can deliver strong returns for your employees’ future and shield you from the risk of market downturns and exposure to unsustainable future commitments. But which of the dozens of defined-benefit options is right for your organization?

Here are some of the defined-contribution options available through Stevenson & Hunt:

Stevenson & Hunt’s international experience and affiliations means we can also help with 401(k) plans or other arrangements for immigrant or expatriate executives.

Contact us today and start finding creative ways to make your retirement savings plan work better.