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Group Pension Consulting

Helping your employees secure their long-term future

There are few better ways to attract quality employees and gain loyalty from them than to offer a superior pension or group retirement plan. But poor funding structures and changing workplace demographics threaten many plans with insolvency and sponsors with unsustainable liabilities.

Stevenson & Hunt’s Group Pension Team can help you navigate these dangerous waters and help your people to secure their long-term future. Our Group Pension Team is comprised of professionals with an average of 20 years experience, providing pensions and group retirement plans – for every industry and every sized organization both in Canada, the U.S. and internationally.

Contact us today to find out how our Group Pension Team can design you the best possible pension and retirement plan for your business.

Key benefits of working with our Group Pension Team include:

  • Reduced or eliminated fiduciary risk associated with plan sponsorship
  • Improved tax profile and audit security
  • Cost savings on administration and regulatory filings
  • Superior investment results
  • Creative, customized solutions to address your organization’s needs, from front lines to the executive boardroom
  • Tailored employee communication plans

Independent analysis you can trust

Stevenson & Hunt Pension Consultants work for you, not for any one financial provider. We use a software analysis package to monitor the performance of your fund managers and flag any areas of investment that are underperforming. Our approach is guaranteed to be free of any conflict, taking only your best interests into account.

Vigilance in monitoring

Our Pension Consultants can not only review your plan to ensure it complies with all provincial and federal laws, they will prepare a formal governance plan proving and properly documenting your compliance. We complete a comprehensive plan review at least annually, monitoring its performance, employee participation and compliance status.

Expertise through an accredited pension consultant

We offer a specialized Retirement Plan practice, which means you get the most expert, up-to-date advice from someone who is knowledgeable about your business and its competitive human resources market.

Many accountants, lawyers and financial brokers offer pension consulting services as a sideline to their core business. But there are significant benefits to retaining a designated RPA professional to manage your account.

  • University-based education in pensions and retirement plans
  • Avoidance of liability associated with using untrained consultants
  • Independent, conflict-free advice
  • Access to options not available to or understood by non-professionals
  • Ability to customize solutions and offer something other than off-the-shelf products
  • The knowledge and expertise to carry out market analysis and improve investment performance