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Strategic Solutions & Support

Partnering with you to develop strategic solutions

We are your benefits partner, with decades of experience creating strategic benefit solutions and assisting plan administrators with challenging situations such as mergers and long-term strategic planning.

Assessing risk & containing costs

Your employee benefit programs are important sources of risk and opportunity for cost containment. Our strategic benefit consulting services are aimed at helping you control risk and contain cost.

  • Identification of cost drivers and development of tailored solutions
  • Generation of tax efficiencies without altering employment agreements
  • Analysis of collective bargaining agreements to ensure compliance and maximize plan sponsor objectives
  • Communication and explanation of emerging benefit trends

Providing access to the support you need

Our team approach ensures that our clients always have access to the expert support they need. Each team is comprised of experienced, trained professionals who act as your intermediary in dealings with insurance providers to help you:

  • Clarify eligibility issues
  • Resolve claims disputes
  • Communicate plan design changes
  • Complete applications and plan amendments

When you call us, you will have access to a member of your Group Benefits Team familiar with your plan and empowered to help you then and there.