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Critical Illness & Long Term Care

Helping your employees through difficult times

Including group critical illness coverage in your benefits plan shows your employees you care, and helps you to retain the services of your best employees even if they become ill.

Group Critical Illness insurance supports your employees when they are faced with the high costs of serious, long-term illnesses such as cancer, coronary artery bypass surgery or multiple sclerosis.

Group Critical Illness Insurance supplements the coverage available to employees through their group health, life and disability plans by providing covered individuals with access to a lump-sum benefit should they become critically ill following the diagnosis of one of the covered illness. The employee can use the benefit for anything they wish, such as:

  • Financial needs: income replacement, paying down debts or to help preserve personal savings, retirement funds or other investments
  • Health care costs: alternative treatment options, medical equipment or expenses not covered under provincial or group benefits plans
  • Lifestyle choices: home repairs or renovations, vehicle upgrades, personal or family pursuits
Group Long Term Care Insurance

Group Long Term Care Insurance helps pay for long term care services. Long term care takes many forms, from in-home nursing to full service facility care. For example:

  • Nursing care
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Personal care (help with activities of daily living like dressing, eating and bathing)
  • Homemaking services (meal preparation, cleaning, laundry)
  • Supervision by another person

Stevenson & Hunt’s Benefits Consultants can assist in a review of the costs to add this as an option to your benefits program.