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Absence & Disability Management

Most organizations are struggling with the increased costs and dealing with the complexities associated with both occupational and non-occupational absences within their organizations.

Integrated Approach

We support our clients by taking an integral approach to disability management and recognize that each organization is different in terms of needs, goals and objectives for absence management.

  • Evaluate existing absence policies and programs.
  • Understand the organization’s resource commitment and capabilities.
  • Examine absence patterns and their related short and long-term costs.
  • Review plan design and funding.

Results Driven

We work with our clients to outline the steps they can take to achieve their objectives.

  • Redesign the absence management program and administrative policies.
  • Develop an effective communication strategy.
  • Introduce training programs for managers and supervisors.
  • Coordinate and facilitate regular disability review meetings with the disability provider.