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Retirement Planning

Helping you balance the need for retirement income and growth

Until recently, the main focus in the investment industry has been to help people build wealth. With the influx of baby boomers hitting pre-retirement age and the estimation that in less than 10 years, one in five people will be aged 55 to 65; this focus has shifted towards helping people plan for their retirement.

What should I be saving for my retirement?

One of the biggest issues facing retirees is the risk of running out of money before dying. Retirees have to balance their need for income with the need to achieve some minimum level of growth so they don’t run out of money too soon.

Our Financial Advisors are here to help you prepare and implement retirement planning strategies to balance the need for income and growth.

  • RRSP contribution plans made to fit your income, stage of life and goals.
  • Investment advice that respects your level of tolerance for risk.
  • Assistance rolling your retirement fund out into a RRIF or other payment vehicle after you retire.

Introducing GIF Select featuring IncomePlus from Manulife Investments, with you for lifetime income, growth and security

IncomePlus offers the safety and security of a guaranteed investment combined with the growth potential of the markets*. IncomePlus is an investment product that can offer predictable, sustainable and potentially increasing income through income bonuses and resets, for life. The first of its kind in Canada, IncomePlus features a return of principal guarantee - ensuring a retirement income stream, now for life. Even if the stock market does poorly, you will receive income payments for life…guaranteed.

*Exceeding the withdrawal thresholds may have a negative impact on future payments. The Lifetime Withdrawal Amount of the year the annuitant turns age 65.

The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company is the sole issuer of the Manulife GIF Select Insurance Contract and the guarantor of any guarantee provisions therein. Other conditions may apply.