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Financial Services

Put your financial dreams in the hands of someone you trust.

Stevenson & Hunt Financial Advisors have been trusted by thousands of individuals to help build their wealth and protect their future through strategic investment planning.

With access to a wide range of investment products and services, our professionals work for you, not for any one fund provider. They work with you one-on-one to develop financial strategies that work for your personal situation, not their sales quota.

Our Financial Advisors make every effort to ensure you are comfortable with and understand your investment portfolio. They also keep you informed of changes in the market and conduct regular reviews with you to ensure your portfolio remains in line with your personal financial goals.

Contact us today to get real investment advice from a Financial Advisor you can trust.

What if…

…you work for an employer that does not offer a retirement savings plan? Or if Canada’s pension plan no longer exists by the time you retire? How will you save for your retirement?

…you pass away unexpectedly, leaving behind a mortgage and other debts?

…you are injured in an accident and are unable to work? How will you cover day-to-day living expenses or maintain your lifestyle if you are not able to earn your regular salary?

…you or a member of your family is diagnosed with an illness critical enough to be life threatening? How will you cover medical and other expenses incurred as a result?

…you become incapacitated, outlive your savings and require expensive care and housing in your elder years?

These are the questions we all must face, and Stevenson & Hunt has the answers.

Don’t delay. The time to arrange for your financial security is now, when you are healthy and capable, rather than waiting to become ill or incapacitated.