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Risk Analysis & Support

Seeing the big picture, assessing each risk

Stevenson & Hunt’s expert Risk Management Teams can help you strike the right balance between security and cost with comprehensive risk analysis and consultation services. We can identify your insurance needs, assess your current coverage and recommend innovative solutions that will protect you and save you money.

Working in partnership with you to develop customized risk management strategies

Our Risk Management Teams bring industry-specific experience and expertise to the table, working with your people to create a customized risk management strategy for your organization. We have extensive experience assessing risks and developing customized insurance programs within a range of industries, including but not limited to:

With this kind of experience, chances are we’ll have inside knowledge of your industry’s particular risks before you even speak to us. We’ll tailor your coverage and provide ongoing support to meet your unique requirements and minimize your risks.

  • Full analysis of the risks unique to your industry and business
  • Risk management strategy with loss control recommendations and an action plan
  • Assessment of your current coverage
  • Policy development and premium negotiation
  • Customized insurance portfolio
  • Timely communication regarding legislative and regulatory changes affecting your industry

Our pro-active approach to risk management can help protect your business against the various consequences of loss: business interruption, damaged reputation, loss of tangible assets and market share.