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Manufacturers Insurance

Providing Manufacturers Insurance for Domestic, US and International Operations​

Our risk management expertise and industry-focused approach has allowed us to successfully partner with a broad range of manufacturing organizations, providing insurance solutions from the plant floor to the board room, for single and multiple locations in Canada, the US and Internationally.

Collaborating Together, Effecting Efficiency, Understanding Risk​

We work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive risk managed profiles which take into account the ever-changing dynamics of a manufacturer's P&L statement. Our detailed audit approach not only addresses the most common risks inherent to manufacturers, but those that can often be overlooked. This detailed approached, combined with our ability to determine proper valuations on assets, enables us to create a seamless and comprehensive insurance program.

Representing All Major Insurance Markets​

Stevenson & Hunt is recognized in the industry through many long-standing client and provider relationships and has established a portfolio of manufacturing organizations of all types - small, mid-sized or large. With leading market capability, we can offer a range of options at the most competitive rates available.

Sector-Focused Programs​

We offer a number of programs designed to address the risks inherent to a range of sectors within the manufacturing industry, including but not limited to the following:

  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
  • Automation Integrators
  • Machinery and Equipment Builders
  • Chemical Blenders and Distributors
  • HVAC Product Manufacturers
  • Foundries
  • Automotive Parts to Tier 1 & OEM's
  • Aviation Service Providers