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Crime Protection

No company is immune to crime losses…

Likewise, the sophistication of technology and computers has drastically changed the speed in which crime and fraud can occur.

  • White collar crime is one of the fastest growing and most prevalent problems facing business today. Virtually every company, public, private or family owned, is a potential target.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, restructuring, rapid expansion, and globalization have increased the challenges of maintaining a strong system of internal controls.
  • Today, technology makes the threat of losses resulting from employee theft more ominous than ever before and can make the detection of these thefts even more difficult than before.
  • Every year 800,000 complaints about identity theft are filed with the Federal Trade Commission. This number is rising at a rate of nearly 25% per year. The costs of identity theft to businesses can be staggering.
  • The threat of theft exists from outside influences as well. Forgery losses such as the altering of a cheque or draft issued by your company, funds transfer fraud and an old fashioned hold up are just some of the risks facing business owners today.

Stevenson & Hunt understands the need to protect your bottom line from being affected by crime and offers practical advice, expert insight and useful resources for maximum crime defense.


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