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Loss of Income

Businesses depend on their income. Buildings may burn and the contents of a business can be damaged or stolen. While these items can often be readily replaced, the loss of revenue that arises from the inability to use them often cannot.

While you may be waiting for your building to be re-built or your stock to be replaced, your income has not only decreased, but often your customers go elsewhere to access the product or service they normally receive from you. Even worse, sometimes these customers don’t come back. How will you replace that lost revenue?

  • All businesses - large or small - need some form of business interruption insurance.
  • In the event of a loss, determining the amount of downtime and the sales recovery time your business will require and choosing an adequate amount of coverage that addresses your maximum sales lost is very challenging.

Stevenson & Hunt makes this easier by employing methods that simplify the process and provide the best income replacement solution for your business.


* The information provided is for information purposes only. In case of inconsistency between this information and the policy, the policy terms, conditions and limitations will govern.