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Commercial Insurance

Powerful resources to manage your business risk.

All the insurance knowledge in the world is useless unless your partner knows exactly how risk works in your business, and has the products and resources to manage it the right way. With Stevenson & Hunt as your broker, your insurance portfolio is managed by a team of professionals…

More than anything, you need an insurance partner that understands your business – a professional experienced at grasping the risks and opportunities unique to your business and the industry in which you work.

Contact us today to find out how our team of professionals can help you manage your risk.

Capable of managing a range of commercial insurance portfolios

We manage a range of commercial clients’ insurance portfolios locally and internationally - from single-proprietor family businesses to multi-national corporations.

With the resources to provide you with choice

As an independent broker with access to coverage options and rates with over 25 commercial insurance providers, we can provide you with choice.

With years of experience developing specialized programs specific to your industry

To help protect you and your business, we develop specialized programs based on our knowledge of the risks inherent to the industry in which you work.

Committed to providing ongoing support

Stevenson & Hunt is committed to partnering with you through every change and stage of growth, to help you protect your assets, analyze and manage your risk, cover key people, and ensure compliance.

When you call us, you will have access to a member of your Risk Management Team familiar with your account and empowered to help you then and there.

When you have a claim, our in-house claims department works on your behalf to ensure your claim is handled quickly and fairly.

One reliable point of contact for your commercial insurance needs

Your company’s needs for risk analysis, coverage, account management and claims processing boil down to one reliable point of contact within the insurance industry: Stevenson & Hunt.